27th November 2017


What geographical area does CATS cover?

CATS covers the whole of the UK and already has clients as far as Cumbria, Aberdeen & Northern Ireland.

If we appoint you as our compliance consultants, will we be seeing a different person every time we have a visit?

Whilst when you employ CATS you employ the whole team, we allocate a dedicated consultant to you and holidays, illness or emergency apart, this is the consultant that you will always see.

Do we get enhanced commission from providers if we appoint you as our compliance consultants?

No, we are specialists in compliance consultancy and concentrate on this area alone. Anyone seeking to balance compliance consultancy costs against enhanced commission should be cautious as it is very seldom possible to get the best of both worlds.

Do you provide research on product providers and/or funds?

No, conducting due diligence on all the product providers and funds available is a huge task. We specialise in providing the guidance on what to do with the research you have collated from other resources.

Financial services regulation is becoming increasingly complex. How can you guarantee that you always have the right answers?

We would not, of course, ever guarantee any such thing! However, we always make every effort to achieve this. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and are absolutely commited to continueous self development. If we cant answer your query immediately we will allways find you the answer in a timely fashion

If we phone the CATS helpline, do we always get an immediate answer?

Not always. If you phone our office your call will be answered by Martyn Holman (company Director), or Charlotte Holman (company PA). If nessasary you will be put through to the appropriate consultant or you may indeed wish to phone your consultant yourself. If the consultant is on site with another client he or she might not be able to answer immediately but they will always respond to any message left for them. We embrace technology at CATS and all our consultants use smart phones which enable them to always be contacted via email.