27th November 2017

ISO 22222

ISO 22222 is aimed at increasing client confidence by providing an internationally agreed benchmark for a high global standard of service.  The standard covers the ethical behavior, competences and experience required of a financial adviser.  It also enhances the transparency and efficiency of the process for personal financial planning.

CATS fully supports the ISO 22222 certification for financial advisers within a firm.  The recognised certification allows the adviser and their firm to show that they have the necessary skills and systems in place to provide an efficient service which in turn should lead to a compliant service. ISO 22222 complements the FCA’s TCF initiative and is well received by the FCA as an indication that the firm is placing its customers at the heart of their business.

CATS is one firm on the panel of independent Compliance Consultants for Standards International Ltd.  Standards International Ltd is the first UKAS accreditated certification body specialising in the promotion, training and assessment of financial advisers seeking to achieve ISO 22222.

So, if you are working towards ISO 22222 and need help in meeting the standard required then please contact us. We are available to assist you wherever you are in the UK.

For more information on the ISO 22222 certification itself, then please visit www.standardsinternational.co.uk or call 01462 790894.